Making the most of your company’s social media presence is a must if you want to achieve sustained success in the digital marketplace. Instagram has proven to be one of the most effective ways of interacting with potential clients and presenting engaging content.

Unfortunately for businesses, Instagram has made several sweeping changes to its algorithm in recent years. These alterations were intended to prioritize family and friends as opposed to advertisers.

Thankfully, you can adapt your marketing strategies to overcome Instagram’s algorithms. This will allow you to stay at the top of news feeds! Below you will find several proven ways of adapting to Instagram’s algorithm.

Instagram Story

While you may have placed heavy emphasis on staying within sight of your target audience’s news feed, Instagram’s story feature offers a great workaround. According to IG, their algorithm is designed to morph and evolve based on how each user interacts with content. This is where the story feature comes into play.

Even if the average user does not delve deep into their news feed, they very likely browse through most of their stories. This is a popular way of spending down time, which gives you the opportunity to share your message.

Post stories consistently, which can help increase interactions and views. Over time, this can get you back at the top of news feeds.

Value in Video

According to Instagram, the new algorithms do not prioritize video over photographs. However, you only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention and draw them towards your product.

Since videos auto-play on the feed, you have a better chance of garnering interest with a unique opening clip as opposed to a still-frame photograph. When given the option, go with the video. Before you know it, the likes will pile up and you will find yourself back on high.

Compel Them to Action

In the age of videos and live feeds, the traditional caption often goes underutilized. However, it is a great way of engaging with your audience and garnering likes or views. Don’t just post passive content though—you need to draw them in.

Two ways of doing this are by posing a question and tagging friends on captions. Not only will more users read your entire post, but they will begin proactively thinking about your product. They will be encouraged to refer a friend that they believe will like the product or leave an answer to your question on the feed.

Optimize Your Presence With Our Expertise

As you can see, optimizing your presence on the ever-changing Instagram landscape is a challenge. The best way to accomplish this goal is to partner with a proven marketing team like 2H Media Group. Our experts have a proven track record of success and can help you convert views to sales. Contact us today to get started.