How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Are you concerned that your webpage is not getting quality traffic on a consistent basis? Would you like to better understand how to improve your SEO practices? If so, then you would likely benefit from a social media audit.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

List Your Accounts

While it may sound like a massive undertaking, conducting a social media audit is relatively simple. It can also help you to make some serious improvements to your online content.

The first step in completing your audit is to form a list of all available social media profiles. Remember to include often-overlooked sites like Pinterest. Once this is done, you need to clearly define your specific goals for each profile you choose to have.

Delivery is Key

Next, you’ll need to review all of your profiles to make sure that your message is consistent across all platforms. This includes the language and style used in your posts, as well as any promotions or special offers related to your products. The logos and branding have to match, too, of course.

Inconsistencies can negatively affect consumer opinion of your products, especially if outdated or expired promotions gets left on one of your pages.

Data, Data, Data

Now that you have a clearly defined set of goals and have made sure that you are delivering a consistent message across all platforms, it is time to review the analytics of each profile. This data will let you know which posts have received the most feedback and customer interaction and which ones did not fare so well.

Comparing these posts can help you to zero in on the language and styles that will most appeal to your consumer base and allow you to make appropriate adjustments to your content. These posts should not only be driving interaction, but should also be funneling customers to your webpage.

What is a Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is simply a review of your organization’s social media presence. This review will allow you to see what things you are doing right and what practices could be improved upon. Social media audits are also a great way of assessing growth and improving overall performance in terms of your content marketing strategy.

Why Are Social Media Audits Important?

Social media audits can be used to gather pertinent data about the effectiveness of your organization’s online presence. This information is vital to maximizing the use of your social media accounts and improving conversion rates. While overall sales are a good indicator of fiscal success, a social media audit provides information on ways to better engage with consumers.

If you think that your organization may benefit from a social media audit but are not sure where to begin, contact our skilled marketing team at the 2H Media Group. We can not only complete a social media audit for your business, but can also ramp up your marketing and help you to convert passive views to sales.


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